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Compatible with iOS 9 and 10.
All devices supported.

Introducing Zeal, the best battery notification system for your device.

Zeal replaces the stock low battery alert with a highly advanced alert system, you can choose between 2 options on how to be notified :

• Alert :

The alert is loaded with many features listing some below:
- Very beautiful design that comes in either light or dark theme, and can also be scheduled!
- Battery saving mode button.
- Brightness switcher.
- Quick tootles to turn off those battery consuming features.
- Battery info (Cycles, Temperature, mAh, Wear level) accessible by swiping the bottom bar downward.

• Banner :

Its very similar to the alert view but it doesn't hold you back from continuing your work, just pull the banner down and get access to all the options you need.

Please refer to the screenshots below for better understanding of how they look.

More features to come, just contact me on twitter for features requests.

Developed by Rabih M.
Designed by Stijn.

Recent changes

- removed unnecessary code

- Fixed crash for some iOS 9 users
- Removed First time launch alert (iOS9 bug)


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