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  • Unified HTML rendering.

    Xen HTML allows for layering web views on the background and foreground of the Lockscreen simultaneously, and also a layer on the background of the Homescreen.

  • Homescreen Background Layer

    Adds support for rendering a widget behind icons.

    This layer has full touch support.

  • Lockscreen Layers

    Adds both a stationary background layer behind the lockscreen, and a moving foreground layer for widgets.

  • Integrated Widget Settings Editor

    Both Options.plist and config.js can be easily modified whilst in Settings.

  • WidgetInfo.plist

    Provides support for a new file widget developers can use, which can give additional metadata to Xen HTML.

    It also allows for the usage of Options.plist in any widget, and is fully backwards compatible.

    See Documentation for more information.

  • Improved Performance and Stability

    Xen HTML uses new WebKit APIs from Apple to help improve performance, and to optimise battery usage.

  • Widget Placement Adjustments

    Provides drag and drop support for moving around widgets whilst in Settings.

  • In-Settings Preview

    All settings can be previewed without leaving Settings.

  • No Resprings for Settings Changes

    No settings change in Xen HTML's settings panel will ever require a respring.

Recent changes


  • [iOS 9.0 - 11.3.1] Significant improvements to general stability and performance.

    More work is needed - it is still possible for the Lockscreen to stall when waking the device for a few seconds.

  • [iOS 11.2 - 11.3.1] Added full support.

  • [iOS 10.3.3] Potential fix for a crash after installation.

  • [iOS 9.0 - 11.3.1] Added translations for:

    • Dutch

    • French

    • German

    • Hewbrew

    • Indonesian

    • Italian

    • Malay

    • Spanish

    • Chinese (Traditional)

    • Greek

  • [iOS 9.0 - 11.3.1] Added Persistent Mode toggle to keep widgets in RAM.

    This can be found in Settings > Xen HTML > Lockscreen > Advanced.


  • Fix to a Safe Mode crash occuring on first installation in the Setup UI.


  • Quick fix to a Safe Mode crash occuring on settings migration.


  • [iOS 9.0 - 11.1.2] Added support for multiple widgets on any layer:

    • Lockscreen background

    • Lockscreen foreground

    • Homescreen background

  • Widget developers: Homescreen widgets now properly support scrolling regions!

  • Legacy Mode is now toggle-able per widget

  • Improved the speed of the Settings panel

  • Various small fixes and improvements


  • Added a workaround patch to ensure the Settings panel can still be utilised if dependencies are broken.


  • [iOS 11] Resolved freezing and lagging issues.

    • Note that on rare occasions, the device may pause for a second when waking. This only occurs when Low Power Mode is enabled.

  • Ensured SBHTML widgets are displayed alphabetically (missed this section in RC2).

  • General stability improvements.


  • Fixed widgets using Options.plist not seeing any settings being applied other than the default.

  • Ensured widgets are displayed alphabetically regardless of capitalisation in the picker list.


  • [iOS 11] Updated all features

  • [iOS 11] Added specific settings for the iPhone X Lockscreen

  • [iOS 10] Updated first-time Setup interface

    • You may need to re-apply your settings after updating.

  • Rebuilt all Settings panels from scratch

  • Added new settings for the Homescreen:

    • Hide folder icon blur

    • Hide icon labels

    • Hide page indicators


  • [iOS 10] Now defaults to using the old technique of hiding the clock

    • The other technique hid the clock on *just* the Main page, which can still be optionally used in Settings

  • Improved scrolling performance of the new widget picker UI


  • [iOS 10] Updated all remaining features

  • [iOS 10] Fixed issue where the display may remain on after a notification arrives

  • [iOS 10] Ensured visual correctness for the Lockscreen background layer with blurred regions

  • [iOS 10] Moved to a new technique of hiding the clock

  • Added auto-detection of groovyAPI widgets

    • Legacy Mode will now be automatically used for these widgets

  • Revised widget picker UI

    • A Screenshot.png of any size can be placed in a widget's folder to display in the picker

  • Various crash fixes and minor bug fixes


  • Basic iOS 10 support

    • Fading the Lockscreen widget for notifications doesn't work yet.

    • This may adversely affect iOS 10 users; please contatc me if that's the case!

  • Added a way to view known issues and to add new ones/suggest features

    • This can be found in the Support section of Settings


  • Resolved further touch issues related to the Homescreen layer, introduced last update.


  • Resolved all touch issues related to the Homescreen layer.

  • Fixed issue where Lockscreen widgets remain hidden after a phone call ends.

  • Fixed issue relating to using the same widget on both the Lockscreen and Homescreen, and are moved to different locations on each.

  • Added tab in Settings to easily find new repositories with widgets to download.

    Developers, feel free to message me to add your repository to this section.

  • Added new widgetCanScroll option to WidgetInfo.plist, which specifies whether a widget can be scrolled vertically (like a webpage) when in use.

    More information on this can be found with the documentation for this tweak.

  • Fixed various minor issues


  • Added proper handling of the Lockscreen media controls

  • Added proper handling of the Lockscreen notifications

  • Added option to use fullscreen Lockscreen notifications

  • Fixed potential Safe Mode crash that may occur if WebCycript (not required by Xen HTML) was not installed.

  • Fixed various minor issues


  • Fixed issue which could cause the settings panel to crash, or the device to crash to Safe Mode


  • Initial public beta release.


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