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This is the iPad version of Wround iOS 7. It is ONLY free to previous buyers of Wround iOS 7 Complete. This version contains +170 Icons, Settings Icons, and 6 Unique wallpapers.

For the feature packed iPhone version, search for Wround iOS 7 Complete, or Wround iOS 7 Free (lite version).

NOTE: I HIGHLY recommend installing MaskMuter from cydia after installing this theme. MaskMuter gets rid of the black area around the icons when you tap on them. Here is a link to MaskMuter: cydia://package/com.modmyi.maskmuter.

Don’t forget to check out my other themes: • Collision • Collision Dark • Collision Soft.

I am also open to donations. Here’s my Paypal email: noemisanchez_07@yahoo.com.

Your contributions are well appreciated and become my motivation!

Please purchase your themes and tweaks, piracy only kills our motivation to continue building great things for the community. If you cannot afford to buy them, follow the developers on twitter, they hold tons of great giveaways!

Wround is something totally new; it's beauty all awround.



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