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The all in one perfect caller ID solution for your iDevice. No clue who is calling and don't know whom you missed? Don't worry, now this all in one perfect caller ID solution will make your life is more simple. Just install this and TrueCaller on your device and just start searchin the calls from you stack apps like Phone, Messages & Notification Center and even from the Recents (tweak).

** Requires TrueCaller app latest version.
** Images rendered in the screenshots by using Copic.

Requires iOS 8 or 9.


Recent changes

Change Log 1.0.5:
1. Fixed the issue of WhoozItPro repeatedly asking to configure with TrueCaller, though it is already configured.
2. Fixed compatibility issues with latest Pangu 9.0.X untether jailbreak.

What's new in 1.0.4
1. Added iOS 9, iPhone 6S & 6S+ support.
2. Added Proxy feature in WhoozitPro's General Settings. If TrueCaller is blocked in your country, please use this feature to get it worked.

Note: Using proxy might cause a delay while fetching the caller's information.


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