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If your not downloading this package from you are taking the risk...

Your data is most likely not 100% secure!
And same goes if you are downloading it for free... Unless you got it through giveaway or similar!


Weather12 is a widget inspired by a concept of iOS 12 on Instagram here's the post.
The widget was requested by @Futur3sn0we
The widget needs XenInfo and XenHTML to work!


In the widget you can change:

  • The size of the widget
  • The color of the date text
  • The color of the clock text
  • The color of the weather text
  • The color of the weather description text
  • Choose between 12hr or 24hr clock
  • Choose between showing the clock or not
  • Choose between showing the temperature or not
  • Choose between showing the weather description or not
  • Widget Opacity
  • Widget Side padding
  • Enable or Disable Fixed width (For larger devices this may be recommended, i.e Any iPad, iPhone XS Max)
  • Fixed Width's width

You can change the names of the days and months in this file "/var/mobile/Library/iWidgets/Weather12/main.js"
Afterwards find line 71 (Days) or 72 (Months)
If you don't have line numbers on search for "let days" or "let months" and the rest should be self-explanatory...
If you somehow break the widget just reinstall it from

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