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Vivis HD iOS6

Hey Guys im back with a new Theme the name it's Vivis HD. I've been working on this theme for a
few months now hope everyone likes it.

This theme is been worked with ios 7 in mind, why i say this? well the icon mask (shape) was
created thinking on the new ios7 design, i want to take advantage of the new designs that dev's
been doing with their new icon look, with this mask you will be able to maintain their design
and at the same time you will get Vivis HD ICON SHAPE, thats with appstore apps and cydia apps,
the color i chose for this theme was thinking on gold iphone 5s. Im currently working on the port to
ios7 hope i get enough support to keep me working on this...
For support email at

thanks, check out the screenshots below, by the way this version is both i4/s. Stay tune
iphone5/s coming soon!!

follow me on twitter @psprrom

Check my other theme here in modmyi, its called ativiOS HD ios 6 only and its
available here in cydia.


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