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Vivis HD8 Between skeuomorphism and Flat.

Vivis HD8 is the ios 8 update to my second theme Vivis HD for ios6 and iOS 7. This version has been optimized to use the retina quality of the iphone 6 and 6 plus, every icon has been carefully retinize as well as the mask and the IconOmatic shadow and Overlay. This makes this theme compatible with all Divices capable of running ios8, all ipads, all iphones, and ipods! Including non retina divices like ipad mini first Gen! All at the amazing price of $.99. A lot of work has taken to bring this updates from previous versions.

NOTE: Please buy your copy %50 of all sales is going to JailbrakersforMilo kudos to Cammy H. Check the main page This update is free for all current customers but we encourage you if you already bought it and wish to make a donation for the charity please do so by paypal to all donations will go %100 to the charity!

Manny thanks to @finssao49 for testing the ipad version and to Giovanni V.C. (@gioken12) for testing the iphone 6 plus version!

As always God Bless you all for the Support!


Recent changes

  • 8.3 support, iconBumdles support, bug fixes..
  • Added Missing icons in preferences, change a few icons and added more. Full ios7 UI now theme in this is version, thanks to Coolstar, please install Themelib from his repo as well as custom clock. Status bar theme. Icon notifications theme is back. Newstand and a lot more. Please support #jailbreakerforMilo. God Bless.
  • Added support for iPhone 6 and 6 plus, all devices running iOS 8 are compatible for iOS 7 please look for Vivis HD7, Working on wallpapers for iPhone 6 and 6 plus but they will come in a separate package. Special thanks to Giovanni V.C for testing the 6 plus version. Please support the charity #JailbreakersforMilo. Thanks @psprrom.
  • Initial release.


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