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Viber ++ The Viber tweak that gives you full control over Viber, including disabling typing/read receipts, sending unlimited attachments and visual upgrades

Viber ++ is a fully featured tweak that allows you to modify almost all aspects of the Viber app right from within the app.

Viber ++ has been built to let you experience the Viber app your way, without having to follow the rules that Viber lays out for you

Feature List below:

    • Privacy Enhancements
    • Last Online Toggle - Viber ++ allows you to toggle online/offline anytime, without having to wait 24 ours like Viber's default behavior
    • Disable Read Receipts - Do not let people you chat with know that you've seen/read their messages
    • Disable Typing Receipts - Do not let people you chat with know that you're replying to their messages
    • Disable Delivery Receipts - Do not let people you chat with know that their message has been delivered to you
    • Disable Location Services - Disable the Viber ability to know where you are located and limit Viber from sending it to your contacts

    • Usage Enhancements
    • Disable Hold to Record - Viber ++ allows you turn on voice recording without having to hold down the record button
    • Unlimited Attachments - Viber limits the number and size of attachments you can send. This unlocks the ability to send what you want
    • Unlimited Group Contacts - You can create group chats of unlimited size
    • Show call alert - Enable call alerts for Viber
    • Moved all settings into Viber app, not the system settings

    • Security Settings
    • Set Passcode - Enables a 4 digit code to access Viber on startup. Also allows you to enable Touch ID to secure Viber

    • Appearance Options
    • Disable Rotation - Disable the rotation of Viber when you're rotating your phone (independent of system orientation lock)
    • Full Screen Mode - Hides everything while scrolling through the chats.
    • Slim Bars - Slims up all of the Viber top bars giving you more screen space for chats etc. . .
    • Keyboard Colors - Gives you 2 additional options for keyboard colors, Dark and Blue + White and Blue

  • Notification Options
  • Hide Chat Badges - Disable the red notification badges for chats in Viber
  • Hide Sticker Badges - Disable the red notification badges for stickers in Viber
  • Hide Bar Icon Badge - Disable the red notification badges in Viber
  • Disable In-App Vibrations - Disable the red vibration based notifications in Viber



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