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Requires iOS 7

Have you ever wanted to change the color of your device's interface system-wide? UIColors colorizes your apps and iOS 7! Here are some of it's features:

+Works with most AppStore apps!
+Works with Built-in Apps
+Pick any color using a color picker and HSB sliders
+Blacklist App feature
+Choose three colors (Primary, Secondary, and Text)
+Many More

+UIColors colorizes the following UI Elements:
-Table Views
-Control Center
-Notification Center
-Navigation Bars
-Grid Views
-Tab Bars
-Phone Dialer
-Text Messages/iMessage
-Many More

Configure options from Settings.

Recent changes

+ Icon Based Colors
+ Color Splash Screens
+ Colorize Wallpaper
+ Per-App Colors using "Use Preset for Apps..." in Manage presets
+ Instagram Enhancements
+ Disable Global Toggle to only use app overrides
+ Updated Preferences


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