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Xarold Repository
4.90/5 (10 votes).

A one-click tool to save blobs using TSSsaver.1conan.com

You'll need to run uicache after installing to see it!

Thanks conan, for the help, you're awesome!

Recent changes

Version 1.1.0:

  • Thanks for using TSSSaver! In this release:
  • The app is now OPEN SOURCE! Check the source out at https://github.com/nullpixel/tsssaver.
  • Fixed some crahses on some devices, send me logs if you have em!
  • Added a sexy icon! Thanks ProjectB.
  • Added this fancy-spinner-thing so you know it's actually doing stuff.
  • Should be much more stable.
  • Sideload support will be in the next version!


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