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A new kind of translucent keyboard!
This keyboard pack contains six keyboard themes to be used with ColorKeyboard. 
Light Translucent and Light Translucent 2 are to be used with WhiteBoard By: cybrodark you need to open this link in Safari on your iPhone or iPod Touch, download and open in iFile, then click installer and respring, this tweak allows the white keyboard system wide and is essential for the light keyboards. 
Dark Translucent and Dark Translucent 2 are to be used with Bloard which is free on Cydia and allows the black keyboard system wide and is essential for the dark keyboards. 
Translucent and Translucent 2 combine the light and dark keyboards together to allow both to be used and doesn’t require whiteboard or Bloard to work. 
EXISTING PROBLEMS: The pop ups are the same as the stock black and white pop ups as ColorKeyboard doesn’t allow you to theme the pop ups right now. t have only tested these keyboards on 7.0.X devices and there have been reports of ColorKeyboard problems on 7.1.X and also whiteboard not working on 7.1.X, unfortunately I can’t do anything about that as I am not the developer of those tweaks. Sorry for all the hassle, anyways this is my first creation, I hope you like it!


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