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This is the third installment in my series of Widget and Lockscreen Packs called "Translucency." It includes a new widget/lockscreen set with complete customization, support for 6 languages, and support for all iphones from 5 to 6+. Read more below, and check out the screenshots.

This pack includes lockscreens for Groovylock and widgets for SBHTML. With blurring enabled, the widgets/lockscreens will automatically match your wallpaper. The blurring can also be disabled and the background color changed instead. The weather widgets/lockscreens work using either GPS or by just typing in the city name. Made to fit all iphones from the 5/5s/5c to 6/6+. I will continue to add several more packs over the next few months, and purchasing one will guarantee you access to them all. The first two can be seen at the links below.


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