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Sticker "delicious" theme - made for your desire

       Tired of desiring a theme but hating the same concept? tired of buying themes that never get updated or it takes too long until your prefered icon gets in the pack? tired of having the same icons as everybody? Then this is the solution for you.

       Probably the best and most complete theme that is arround here with a price for everyone, that includes :

                  - Status bar themes (connectivity, gps,etc)

                  - Battery theme (Apply with Alkaline - find it on cydia)

                  - Some UI sounds

                  - Updates will be almost daily based on your every request.

                  - Icon masks for unthemed ones.

                  - Over 100 unique sticker icons unwrapped just for you...and more every update.


* Appreciate this by buying it and you will have the greatest pre&post buy support.

* Tested on iOS 7.0.4 & arm 64 devices.

* iPad version coming in future updates.

* Don't hesitate to write me for requests


-> Please read the Changelog below

-> For the keypad theme to work, you must disable Bold from Settings-General-Accesibility





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