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A bright, clean outline theme with massive mix and match customisation

*** Now with 450+ icons, see changelog ***

Stencil is a bright but subtle new theme suite for people who want a customised look without any of those What is that icon for? moments! Clean, crisp and unified, it’s a wonder Jony Ives hasn’t already done this for native iOS.

It requires Anemone and works on iOS 8 and 9 and will be a free update for a future iOS10 jailbreak as soon as Anemone is compatible! The main themes will work with Winterboard with IconBundles.

The theme is available in two main variants, one with each icon framed by an outline, and a glyph version without the outline. Then there are four filled or tinted alt versions of both types. You can customise it even further using various background shades to create an almost infinite variety of effects (well, alright, 210 possible combinations), so you can tailor the theme to match your wallpaper, mood or the day of the week. See the screenshots to get a better idea.

Included are:
• 200+ AppStore and Cydia icons in 2 main themes and 8 alt versions
• Folder background
• 21 background tints, each with its own folder icon and background
• Respring logo
• Settings icons in main and glyph versions
• Customised icons for Apple Weather UI, which also feeds into Forecast
• A set of Infostats2 widgets (2xAgenda, 2xMusic and weather) tailored to blend seamlessly into the Springboard icon layout. The Weather widgets feature live weather and can serve as a replacement for the app icon.
• Simple wallpapers designed to highlight the icons (including an OCD layout grid to help you get your widgets perfectly aligned!)

Each version of the theme and/or background has its own:
• Badges
• Page dots
• Status bar
• Activity spinners
Much of Stencil’s customisation relies on Anemone theme stacking, so experiment with ordering your chosen elements differently using the Anemone Edit function. For example, moving a background theme above an icon theme will activate its folder background and icon, page dots and status bar icons. Adding the Folder option above both will give an unfilled folder border. (I also recommend using Mikoto to hide the default open folder background blur and HideMeX or FolderEnhancer for the icon background.)

Unthemed icons are going to stick out a mile, so I’m happy to take icon requests and will be updating regularly. Tweet me or use the request form

Future updates will include every UI element that isn’t themed yet but can be, settings and share sheets for each version of the theme, control center, lock screen, messages UI, phone dialler and as many icons as I can identify.

There’s been a huge amount of planning and months of work gone into making Stencil, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Please don’t pirate. Just follow me on Twitter for giveaways. And if you still think you really have to pirate it, at least do the decent thing and buy me a coffee or share your setup and tell everyone else where they can buy it legit.

Thanks to @_Matchstic for Infostats2, @Anemone_ios team for Anemone, @junesiphone team for widget guidance, and for testing and support, /u/batfirex2, /u/BallisticDiamond and /u/WTMike24

Recent changes

  • NEW - now features Control Centre theme. Approx 250 new request icons, taking the total to around 700 apps themed.
  • Fixed a few wayward icons, sorry!
  • 200 new icons. Now 450+ themed! Removed open folder background to prevent crash in iOS10. See separate package to reinstate the backgrounds for users on 9 and below.
  • 80+ new icons, now up to 280 apps themed. NEW: Sharesheet icons, for each version of the themeSettings icons for each version, now located inside the theme itself. Status Bar, connection dots, wifi and battery icons for each version of the theme, plus each background shade (move background above icon theme to activate).
  • Initial release.


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