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Requires iOS 7
Not compatible with iPads (yet!)

SpringPaper: Cycle your wallpaper!

Bored with just one wallpaper?
SpringPaper can fix that!
Set an unlimited number of photos as your wallpaper; SpringPaper will automatically cycle through all of them.

Choose photos from your Photo Library or from any folder on your device.

SpringPaper is very customizable: You can change almost any aspect of its functionality. Go crazy!

Customizable options:
* Transition (fade, camera shutter, ripple, page turn, etc.)
* Hide icons, dock, and/or status bar
* And much more!

Includes Activator and Flipswitch support.

Found a bug? Have a comment? Suggestions?
Send me an email via Cydia or mention me on Twitter: @jaysan1292
Configure options from Settings.

Recent changes


  • Fix safe mode crashes with Eclipse and DisableParallaxEffect
  • Fix issues with Springtomize 3
  • Fix issues with TinyGrid+
  • Fix issues with ClassicDock
  • Fix issues with TransparentDock
  • Fix issues with Fancy
  • Tentative fix for DockShift (note: may look strange under some settings)
  • Fixed an issue where the app switcher homescreen page would look strange in landscape

In the previous version, if you missed it


  • Instant/No transition option
  • Customizable transition directions (right to left, left to right, top to bottom, bottom to top, random)
  • Live blur option (was previously in Experimental options)
  • Parallax/Zoom toggles: Enable or disable parallax and zoom *without* turning on Reduce Motion


  • Will now work whether or not Activator is installed
  • No longer requires a regular wallpaper be set (previously, SpringPaper would not work if a dynamic wallpaper was set)
  • Various small bug fixes and improvements


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