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Spotify Music Controls is one of best Controls so this package replace Stock ugly ios Music Controls with spotify like controls. Its working in Music App, Control Center, Lockscreen and even ad support for Maize (ios 11 CC). Its work on ios 9 and ios 10.

Steps for installation: You need Filza and mterminal for this:

1. install Spoti Music Controls and apply it from Anemone

2. Then Locate this path using Filza user/Library/Caches/MappedImageCache/Persistent.

3. Go in Persistent Folder and Delete all files inside this folder.

4. After that open mterminal and type recache and hit enter.

5. Now your device respring and its done.

Enjoy this awesome Controls.

Recent changes

  • Big thanks to @AS_Aeneon 1. Revert ios 8 and ios 9 LS and CC images because No auto layout available for that version but users enjoy media control inside music app 2. Fix images of ios 10 3. Now ios 10 users have Choice to apply controls inside music app or not.
  • This is Biggest Update now Spoti Music Controls working with ios 8.4.x to ios 10.2 version.
  • Initial release.


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