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*Note: This theme requires Anemone to work. Winterboard is not supported.*

A beautiful dark gradient theme, Splendore takes familiar icons and turns them into pieces of art. Circles define the shape of each icon, and each has been thought out carefully to make each icon look perfect. Currently themes over 170+ icons and counting, along with theming the Settings app. Icon and UI theme requests are always welcome.

Screenshots created using the Screenshot App by @junesiphone. Homescreen widget created by @tnbh9.

Recent changes

2.7 2.6 2.5 2.4 2.3 2.2 2.1 2.0 1:9 Added support for more icons requested by you guys. More to come shortly! 1.8
  • Updated App Store, iTunes and Cydia icons. Also more bug fixes because I havent done this in a while and I messed up again.
  • Minor fixes to previous added icons.
  • Added new icons. Please send me all your requests!
  • Added a user requested icon. Control Center theme will be included in the next update!
  • Added requested icons (more to come but wanted to get an update out to you guys). Send me any requests you have!
  • Added badges and a status bar theme! Currently the battery isnt themed as Ive been having some issues with it but hope to have it working soon.
  • Added user requested icons and fixed more icons.
  • Fixed several icons and added more icons as well as settings icons.
  • Initial release.

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