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It’s back. Soft is still prettier than ever.

With iOS 8 taking the realm of many iOS devices recently, it was important for it to be simple, distinct, and the goal was to introduce clarity and refinement to the user experience. Unfortunately I felt Apple could have done a better job designing the icons in iOS 7. The icons have strong and confusing gradients, sudden and harsh whites, and just down right sub-standard icons.

Soft doesn't just fix the icons with smooth gradients, and phenomenal icon standards, they were all designed to match the user experience, connect with the user, and fix what Apple did wrong. I wanted to create something with purpose and to be distinctively elegant, but at the same time incorporating elements that match seamlessly with each app. Each icon includes new and unique elements such as shadows, transparency, and blur also noticed all over in iOS 8. Soft for iOS is my take on the perfect iPhone experience.

What others have said about Soft: “That’s freaking amazing” - Silv3rCube (@Silv3rCube)

>“Mind Blowing” – Harry (@harryknowstech)

>“Your best work yet” – Alan (@_Alan_962)

>“Waiting for this one patiently” – ravirajm (@rv1raj)

>“Better than what aye have seen” – Nick (@xDrizek)

>“One of the best themes by far” - Meow (iOSHAWK)

>“Perfectly crafted, definitely a must have when it comes to iOS themes!” – iPhone Muscle (@iPhoneMuscle)

Soft for iPhone comes with: ~250 beautifully crafted icons ~ User Interface enhancements ~ 15 Stunning wallpapers ~ Control center improvements ~ Global interface refinements ~ Preference Icons.

Notice: Until Winterboard is updated, some interface elements (and the clock/newsstand icons) will not theme. You can wait or manually replace the “” file in iFile with Soft’s. Just make sure you back up the original. There will also be an update shortly that adds some interface improvements and a fix for the settings icons. Contact me above for support or follow me @chrisiyg for updates on everything iOS, and new exciting projects!

Recent changes

  • This update includes many refinements to icons, and fixes missing icons for the iPhone 6 Plus. 1.3 will come in September with the requested icons (sorry, school work keeping my busy!)
  • Support for latest public iOS. Refined sounds (volume). Refined many icons (Tweetbot doe). Fixes for a few missing icons. Fixes for inverted UI arrows. 1.2 will have more fixes like iPhone 6 Plus icons, Anemone support, and a few new major icons.
  • Revised some stock icons, refined the chevron, smaller package size (+4MB). Folder organizations and file movements some old junk and unneeded files for iOS 8 removed.
  • Finally added Display&Brightness icon, iPhone 6 Plus support, iOS 8.1-8.1.2 support, Revised all of the icons by balancing glyph sizes, and resetting alignment on gradients, as well as making icons more vibrant. Added option for Sounds in winter board, (Refined icons also match settings icons), Fixed many icons not showing due to name changes in updates, Interface refinements now show, Themes about 15 highly requested icons, The modern/classic docks have been temporarily removed (need work and are broken on iOS 8). For app requests, please mention me or email me.
  • Inbox, Trivia Crack, Pebble, Opera, Pages, Flixster... and more icons will be coming in version 1.1.1! (January 9th)
  • Initial release.


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