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Requires iOS 7.

This item is free if you previously purchased former version on iOS 6.

SMS on GV is tested and supported on multiple versions of iPhones, iPods and iPads. See below for instructions on verifying compatibility of your device.

This tweak is verified to work with BiteSMS and Messages+.
To verify compatibility of your iPad or iPod (all iPhones are compatible) follow the steps below:

1) Open Messages app and enter a US phone number which cannot be reached via iMessages.
a) If Send button is enabled, pressing it should result in send error and you are done. Install & Setup the tweak.
b) If Send button is not enabled, follow the instructions below.

2) Open iFile and navigate to the folder /System/Library /CoreServices/
a) Find and open a plist file with a name pattern NxxAP.plist (xx is a two-digit number that depends on your device) as a property list (not a text file)
b) Click on capabilities and you will see a list of properties most of which appear as Boolean toggles
c) Scroll down and try to find the toggle named "sms". If it is found switch the toggle ON.
d) If not found, click on + and add a Boolean property named "sms" and turn the toggle ON.
e) Save and close the plist file and exit iFile.
f) Respring the device.
Go back to step 1 to ensure that Send button is available.
If Send button cannot be enabled (for contacts that do not have iDevices), your device cannot be used with this tweak except to redirect iMessages via GV.

Refer to the support thread for setup instructions and other details.

Read the first part of the support thread in its entirety before posting support questions on the thread.

Recent changes

Added support for short code SMS send and receive.
Needs the toggle to be switched ON for iPhones - rules app is not updated for short codes
Always ON for iPods and iPads


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