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Compatible with iOS 8
Also available, SBRotator (iOS 5,6,7).

SpringBoard and Lockscreen Rotation!

SBRotator for iOS8 rotates SpringBoard and lockscreen on all iOS 8 devices.

My best selling tweak since 2009, totally redesigned and by using iOS 8 native rotation methods it now gives you the option to choose between 2 landscape styles, iPhone 6 Plus style (dock on the right side) or iPad style (dock at the bottom).

Use iPhone 6 Plus style or iPad style rotation on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5C/5S, iPhone 6 and any iOS 8 iPod. You can even use it on an iPhone 6 Plus, that already rotates natively, to change from the dock-on-the-side style to dock-at-the-bottom style, or even on an iPad , to rotate SpringBoard just like iPhone 6 Plus does!

SBRotator for iOS 8 also gives options to rotate your lockscreen and several applications that don't natively rotate to landscape, such as Settings, App Store, Videos, iTunes, Game Center, Twitter and Facebook!

You may choose the allowed orientations and the rotation duration,as well.

The only real iPhone Rotator!

Check the screenshots and enjoy!


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