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Compatible with iOS 10

For iOS 9, try Safe Alarm (iOS 9)

Safe Alarm has been completely rewritten to provide new, intuitive functionality for the iOS 10 Clock app. Eponymous to its name, Safe Alarm provides meticulous controls to ensure that you do, indeed, wake up.

Set an explicit, fixed volume level. This features guarantees that your alarm will always be audible: say goodbye to the days of mute-paranoia! Safe Alarm also provides options to make the vibration settings respect the ringer switch.

Fix a snooze duration, a timed auto-stop, or even have your phone make you solve basic arithmetic to prove that you’re awake! Change the default home/volume/sleep button action to snooze, stop or simply do nothing to your alarm.

Choose a playlist. Don’t limit yourself to one song, when you can have a rich variety of tones to brighten up your morning. Safe Alarm also provides cross-fade options to ensure smooth transitions between your tunes.

For those multitasking go-getters, edit multiple alarms at once! Tap to edit, turn all alarms on/off together, clone alarms timed a variable number of minutes apart, add time-zone sensitive alarms (e.g. “6am at Paris”, automagically converted to your immediate timezone), and display ETAs (in the app and/or the lock screen). Fix defaults for future new alarms, and disable the auto screen-lock for when the alarm fires.

Miss the iOS 9 UI? Switch to the Light Mode now provided by Safe Alarm. Customize your lock screen alarm view! Safe Alarm also adds Activator-compatible gestures to stop, snooze or turn on/off your alarms. It also adds snooze/stop buttons to the alarm notification banners on your homescreen.

Recent changes

Version 1.0.6-1

Fixed yet another Time Until Alarm Bug, sorry about that.

Version 1.0.5-1

Adjusted a small difference between the volume slider in settings and alarm.
Hopefully Fixed French Translation.
Fixed an issue with Custom Lock Screen and Buttons not working properly.

Version 1.0.4-1

Fixed the Time Until Alarm label not displaying after respring, it will show now but only after the alarms are loaded by the system.

Version 1.0.3-1

Fixed Default Dismiss Action
Fixed Auto Dismiss not working properly for some users
Updated French Translation

Version 1.0.2-1

Fixed Status Bar disappearance issue. (Special Thanks to Khaled Itzy)
Fixed Auto Dismiss Crash.
Fixed Default Volume when creating new alarms.

Version 1.0.1-2

Fixed invert button feature.


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