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Support: 10 - 11.4b3 
This tweaks unlocks various internal settings for safari, unleashing its power and usefulness to its best.
Tweak features:
- iPad-style gridded tabs on iPhone for both portrait and landscape orientation.
- Automatic Reader mode for web pages
- Full-screen mode
- Force websites not to track you
- Enable background media playback from Safari
- Display the full URL rather than a website description in the search bar
- Toggle a flat-style navigation bar
- Hide the search indicator from view
- Hide the lock icon on secure websites
- Hide the Reader mode button from view
- Enable unlimited Safari tabs
- Close all open Safari tabs when the app is force-closed
- Disable the Safari loading bar
- Disable the website-based navigation gestures
- Force always-on private browsing mode
- Disable App Store redirect confirmation pop-ups

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