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Customizes ringing and vibration behavious for apps (notifications), calls, text messages, MMSs, Emails and iMessages. on a contact/app basis. You decide for which contact or app your device should ring and/or vibrate as well as choose tones and create/assign new vibrations.

Includes an Activator-enabled Temporary Mute feature. Mute your iPhone for a defined period of time after which all tones will turned back on again. Never forget to re-enable the ringer after a meeting or going to the movies.

Ringer & Tunes is very powerful and also extends Apple's 'Do Not Disturb' feature.


Temporary Mute Feature - never forget to to switch your iPhone back to loud again.
Create new Vibrations in an easy way

For Notifications of Apps

Custom tones

Custom vibrations

Always Silent

Ignore Mute

Always Vibrate

Obey or ignore Do Not Disturb

For Contacts and Groups

Always Silent

Custom volume for when ringer is enabled

Ignore if your iPhone is muted

Custom volume if the mute state is being ignored

Always Vibrate

Custom vibrations for calls and messages + emails

Assing individual to

Create settings for blocked/anonymous phone numbers

Obey or ignore Do Not Disturb

Fully integrates into iOS

Full support for unified/linked Contacts

Settings in the Phone and Contacts application

Indicators to easily find important settings

Section in Settings app with further information

SBSettings Toggle


Ringer&T is for all iOS devices except the iPad. It is compatible with all popular SMS/text tweaks (BiteSMS, RealSMS, Messages+, SMS+) as well as CallBar and iBlacklist. It has also been tested with LockInfo and IntelliScreenX.

Ringer & Tones has almost all the features of Vibrafications.

Recent changes


  • Fix for temp. Mute icon on lock screen


  • Support for iOS 7.1.x. Please note that temp.
  • Bugfixes


  • Fix: sounds for unknown/blocked caller ID
  • Fix: would show "Obey DND" OFF as default setting. But default settings is ON


  • Initial release


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