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Rendarya is a professional image editor through Apple's Stock Photos App

Supports iOS6/iOS7

Also available, Rendarya8 (iOS 8)

Languages (Arabic, English, French, Japanese and Russian)

iPad version available RendarayHD

  • Features:
  • Filter
    Has a lot of filters that make your images amazing
  • Adjustment
    Has options let you edit the brightness and darkness of your images.
  • Effect
    Has a lot of effects that make your images effectiveness
  • Blur
    Has options that give your images blur effect
  • Rotate
    give your the ability to rotate your images
  • Clipping
    give you the ability to crop your images
  • Resize
    Has amazing built-in resize options which gives you a nice resize experience
  • Sticker
    Has some stickers to put it on your images
  • Emoticon
    funny emoticons to put on your images.
  • Text
    gives you a nice experience to write on your images
  • BEmo
    gives you a others emoticons,
  • Draw
    gives you a nice way to hand-drawing on your images
  • Splash
    easily transfer your images between colors and black
  • Settings
    ? enable first option let you putting Rendarya with Share options (see image below)
    ? enable/disable features will show/hide them in Rendarya View
    ? enable Colors let you change (NavigationBar - ScrollBar Colors)
    ? NavigationBar-Items option to change text colors in NavigationBar (Top Bar)
    ? ScrollBar-Items option to change text/images colors in ScrollBar (Bottom Bar)

Configure options from settings.

Recent changes

Rendarya 2.2

- Fixed Crashs With Facebook, and other apps
- Fixed Crashs while you click on Brush icon

NOTE: if you faced crashs after this update while you click on Brush icon,you have to change all colors values under Rendarya Settings,
- enable colors
- and change colors for each item.

THANKS @iMokhles

Rendarya 2.0


- Fixed slow issue while opening photos app
- Fixed safe mode issue
- Removed Camera app Supoort till next version
- Removed Instagram Support till next version [ will back with new features ]
- improvements and performances


- New way to open it see photos below
- New Description [ looks above this change log ] :P
- New Preferences [ static icon color for cells, new localizations strings ]
- New options to change text/images of Top/Bottom Bars.
- New Draw Tool [ let you hand-drawing on your photos ]
- New Splash Tool [ easily transfer your images between colors and blacks.
- New Emoticons placed in Stickers Section.

Good luck, and have fun with your images...


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