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Supports iPhone/touch/iPad, iOS 5.x ~ 10.x

QuickDo is centralized gestures, shortcuts, toggles, app switcher and multi-tasking management for iOS. By making use of the trigger function, QuickDo will help you operate iOS device easily, like exit a app, reboot or power off, mute or hang up the incoming call, etc. In addition, QuickDo now lets you define sliding short-cuts to quickly unlock your device and immediately launch your favorite apps. It's surely worth a shot!

Main Functions

  • Full screen two fingers and three fingers gestures.
  • Multitasking management, close or switch background app, quickly launch last app.
  • App shortcut management, quickly open your favorite app.
  • Toggles management. Built in Brightness, Volume and Information toggles, support SBSetttings toggles too.
  • Virtual "Home" button, exit app, lock the device and iPod everytime.
  • Power button, respring, reboot, safe mode and power off.
  • One click to close all running app and remove Multitasking bar recent icons.
  • Mute or hang up the incoming call.
  • Multitasking Gestures.
  • Activate SBSettings and Dock app, more apps coom soon.

Recent changes

  • Base support iOS 10.


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