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QR Mode is a QR Code Scanner, which adds itself as a new Camera mode (like the panorama mode) to the stock iOS Camera App.

QR Mode recognizes all popular QR Code Types and displays their content in a beautiful way with smooth animations.

Recent changes

- Now compatible with CameraModes by @PoomSmart (previous compatibility was "just" preventing it from crashing) - you can now change the location of the Scanner mode. Thanks to @PoomSmart for his cooperation :)

- Refactored a lot of code - switched over to our own library "Accura Tweaks Common", which provides a lot of code that is shared between multiple Accura Tweak Products, for example some of the cells we use in the in our preferences.

- Fixed a small bug in the preferences

- Added compatibility with CameraTweak3
- Added compatibility with CameraModes
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to tap on pictures after scanning a QR Code
- Fixed date format in the QR Code history - now uses the date format of your region

- Reduced the amount of complains in our email inbox (hopefully!)
- Improved URL Detection in QR Codes
- Improved the languages Czech and Norwegian
- Redesigned QR Code History to show recently scanned QR Codes at the top at the list
- Redesigned Preferences to be more user friendly

New features
- Added option to open in browser by default instead of the in-app browser
- Added support for Cydia URL scheme - real world usage scenario coming soon :)
- Added new support system
- Added various goodies and Easter eggs - happy Easter!

- The authors of QR Mode still remain the same - we just got ourselves a fancy name, a website and twitter. If you'd like to stay informed about upcoming awesome new tweaks or updates, you can follow us at @AccuraTweak :)


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