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Xarold Repository
3.00/5 (4 votes).

Compatible with iOS 8 and 9
Supports iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
3 days FREE trial,
Commercial Package ($1.99 / ¥10.0)

Requires QRC library.

Quick reply and compose for QQ

• Quick reply from anywhere.
• Quick compose from anywhere.
• Show recent contacts.
• Show recent messages.
• Show contact avatar.
• Show unread count badge.
• Support search / enter contact.
• Support send image message.
• Support play audio message.
• Support play video message.
• Support simple mode.
• Support conversation mode.

Quick reply:
- Swipe down notificatin banner to quick reply.
- Swipe left from notification item to show "Reply" button, click "Reply" to quick reply.

Quick compose:
- Click notification center compose icon to quick compose.
- Assign activation method via QuickDo or Activator.

Dismiss compose window:
- Swipe down to keyboard area.
- Click home button.

Switch to Select Contact Window:
- Double tap blank area of chat messages view to switch to select contact window.

Refresh Chat Messages:
- Pull up to refresh chat messages.


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