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Compatible with both iPhone and iPad on iOS 7.

ProWidgets is a revolutionary widget suite and framework for iOS. It brings a groundbreaking and convenient way to perform quick tasks anywhere with multi-tasking capability on both iPhone and iPad.

Whenever you want to do something without being disturbed by switching back and forth between apps, just activate a widget right away. Close or minimize it after use. Just that simple, yet it makes your life easier and more productive!

Built-in Widgets

ProWidgets is built with several handy and native-like widgets, including the following:

- Calendar: Quick add a new event, and view upcoming events
- Notes: Quick jot down a note, and manage saved notes
- Reminders: Quick add a reminder, and manage previous reminders
- Messages: Quick compose a new message (SMS and iMessage)
- Mail: Quick compose an email
- Browser: Open web links in app, and add bookmarks to Safari and Chrome* from any app
- Dictionary: Look up the definition of a word anywhere
- Alarm: Set up a new alarm, and quick toggle the existing alarms
- Timer: Start and pause a timer anywhere

More widgets are coming! Including Spotify and Google Authenticator!

* Chrome support in Browser widget will be added in the future updates.

Activation Methods

You could activate a widget anywhere, from Today View, Lock Screen, to Control Center, Notification Center, and of course Activator! Just pick any place to activate your favorite widgets, for instance, quick toggle existing alarms right from the lock screen, or swipe the status bar in any app to add a new reminder or note.

Multi-tasking Capability

ProWidgets is also built with a powerful multi-tasking capability. Widgets could be maximized or minimized anytime and anywhere. They won't disturb you from using the current app, just maximize it back whenever you need it. If you are on iPad, it is even capable of displaying multiple widgets on the screen simultaneously, for instance, jotting a note while searching a term on Google with Browser widget.

Third-party Add-ons

ProWidgets also supports third-party widgets and themes. Go check out some cool themes and widgets from the community! Third-party add-ons can be installed in Cydia or via URL.

Recent changes

Support iOS 7.1
Support resizing widgets on iPad
Many new features for built-in widgets (see below)

New Features:
Minimized widgets now support live preview (noticeable in Timer widget). All are disabled by default for better performance so user must manually set enabled state individually.
Included 4 presentation styles (zoom, fade, slide up and down)
Added "Speak" button in Dictionary widget (thanks to built-in text-to-speech)
Added "Create Event" integration for Calendar widget
Added "Define" integration for Dictionary widget (for single word only)
Added an option to remove the default "http://" in Browser widget
Added Google search suggestion in Browser widget
Added support to Chrome in Browser widget (not support adding bookmarks)

Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue that ignores default calendar/list in Calendar, Reminders and Notes widgets
Fixed unresponsive "Bookmark" integration for Browser widget
Fixed the hidden Copy/Paste menu
Fixed "Unable to start timer" error
Fixed the conflict with LockInfo7

Minor UI and alert content improvements
Added experimental settings for iPhone
Added shadow on iPad (one of the experimental features on iPhone)
Tuned table view style in Settings on iPad
Browser widget is now compatible with LinkOpener


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