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After a lot of work, I am proud to present my first ever icon theme. This is why I call it Primo.

All amazing lockscreen/springboard widgets are made by Pois0nDF, @yofatpapa

Thanks to him Primo became complete.

I want to thanks Boots @chvylvr6972 for her help and support. She put me in the right direction more than once.

What you’ll find in the Primo folder: 3 icons set: Primo, Primo Ombra and Primo Glyph, 4 simple Iconomatics for Primo, 6 iconomatic focused on 2 glyph version of Primo, 10 badges, 3 Statusbar: Classic, New Classic and Vehicles, 4 GroovyLock/LockHTLM widgets, 8 SBHTML widgets(Walls inside widgets folder), 4 iwidget, 1 Lockglyph (3 colors) with stunning unlock sounds, 4 Zeppelin: Exagon, Liliana, Ombra and Optic, 1 weather icons folder to use with your favorite widgets, 1 OSX Yosemite icons set: Primo Ombra Yosemite, 1 ControlCenter, exclusive UISounds plus 14 mail/sms tones.

More than 400 icons themed for each set.

Support iPhone 4S/5/5S/6/6+ Retina iPad on iOS 8

Thanks a lot to @RKO1195 for his help for the repo and hosting it.

Many thanks to @fdxgnd79 he found the culprit for the red Wednesday and he taught me how to themed the unthemed settings icons.

Special thanks to Alfroggy @chezfroggy for their continued support.

And thanks to: @kantu70 @MarcoGottuso,@RkoViper81, @Nykoscn, @7oimpala206, @Orangefreddie,@annachtz, @Sn0wd3n, @locaschong, @Flop, @Byamax, @moomin7801,@mef3579, @Nawfalmoh, @Mone @gleptecoagui, @mike42, @Krima and @tu_nenachula for supporting me also on twitter.

I apologize if I have forgotten anyone.

You can find other widgets and walls on Primo official support thread.

Follow me on twitter @dexterilgatto

Recent changes

  • Added: Anemone compatibility, new Zeppelin by MarcoGottuso, new Primo Light Iconomatic/Anemone + new Light Badge (Round & Square in 5 colors) + Folder by licris17, new Cartoon Anemonefx with long shadow (only Anemone), Fallback & LoadingScreen are now as separate themes, 3 ALT icons by Mark_sweden, new LockGlyph (black & white) with sounds, fixed some Iconomatic, a lot of icons requests.
  • Initial release.


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