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Soon to come!

Option to use green version of: Phone, iMessage and FaceTime... And option will also be avaiable to choose whether you want Apple icons for AppStore, iTunes, Music etc...
Icons in settings, Bluetooth, WiFi etc...
Round Folders!

Sorry for slow updates...

Recently my phone as been having some problems but its fixed now...
Also i wanna spend some time with my parents a bit this summer, but i will continue development soon... 1.2 is close to being ready...
I've also been working on a around 2-3 other themes, and will be making a few more widgets soon.

Heads up!

This is the premium/paid version which includes more icons, if you only want the circle and shadow on the icons go download "Piksel Lite" although "Piksel Lite" also has system icons it has no app store icons or similar... Most themes look fine with the icon mask on so if you dont have a buck to spend, go download "Piksel Lite".
Piksel is a theme which gives you icons like the Google Pixel 2 has...
The Circle, Shadow and icon are all toggleable

For a nice combo use "Piksel Launcher" a Google Piksel Search bar by me, its free!
Some icons are subjected to change, if you want to request an icon send me an email or message me on twitter

Recent changes

Adds 35+ more icons to the theme


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