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Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod on iOS 10

If you are on iOS 8 or iOS 9, see PickPocket

Tired of thieves? You scared that a thief would steal your iPhone? Someone stole your iPhone in the past?

If yes, PickPocket was made for you!

PickPocket is a powerful, full featured and highly customizable Cydia tweak to protect your device against thieves!

PickPocket comes with 8 main features:

**Airplane Mode:**

Choose whether or not the Airplane toggle can be accessed from the Control Center.
You can block the airplane mode:
- Only the lockscreen
- When Stolen
- Always
If the airplane mode has been blocked, you can choose or not to send a mail/SMS

**Automatic Shutdown:**

PickPocket can disable the automatic shutdown when the battery level is too low.
When the battery level is too low, PickPocket can have 2 behaviors:
- Stay On
- Fake Shutdown
A mail/SMS can be sent.

**Fake Hard Reset:**

PickPocket can simulate a hard reset after holding the home and power buttons for 4 seconds. This doesn’t disable an actual hard reset, this only prevent dumb thieves from performing a hard reset.
A mail/SMS will be sent if a hard reset is attempted and another mail/SMS will be sent if the hard reset is aborted.

**Lockscreen Information:**

A button will be added to your lockscreen in case of someone finds your device in the street (or somewhere else).
If tapped, it will display your information (name, city, country) and the person who find your device will be able to call a predefined number and/or to send a mail/SMS

**Remote Actions:**

You can use some predefined SMS to remotely control your device.
The available remote actions are:
- Play Alarm
- Stop Alarm
- Play Speech (you can set a custom speech by putting some texts between " " in the SMS)
- Fake Shutdown
- Take Front Picture
- Take Rear Picture
- Send mail/SMS only
When a remote action is triggered, a mail/SMS will be sent


This will prevent the device from shutting down by either requiring Touch ID/Password or initiating a fake shutdown
An alarm/speech can be played when x wrong password has been entered
If fake shutdown is selected, you can enter your real password thanks to a hidden gesture to really shutdown your device

**SIM Card Pulled:**

You can play an alarm/speech if the SIM card has been pulled.
A mail/SMS will be sent if the SIM card has been pulled (a SMS will be sent every x minutes, this can be useful to get the phone number of the new SIM card)


You can configure to play an alarm/speech after x wrong passwords/Touch ID entered
A mail/SMS will be sent after x wrong passwords entered


You can protect the PickPocket’s preferences by setting a password to view and edit the PickPocket preferences.

You can set up to 5 mail addresses and 5 phone numbers to send the mail/SMS to.

In the mail/SMS, you can choose to include:
- The time
- The device details
- The battery level
- The front picture
- The rear picture
- The current location (latitude + longitude, detailed location and Google Map link)
- Custom text (which will be at the beginning of the mail)

PickPocket has so many options that I can’t describe them all here (It has more than 150 options!)

Every features and options of PickPocket are toggleable and configurable

PickPocket Demo:

Recent changes

The Google app will not crash anymore
Fixed a Kik visual bug
Hopefully fixed the WebKit crash


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