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Penumbra is a free add-on to Ecstatic Vibrance and is designed with the style of Iridescent. It uses the - large method that requires Anemone. It functions on all iDevices running iOS 9.X to 10.X but I do not have an iPad to test it on, so I cant confirm whether or not it works with iPads.

This theme has 175+ Icons and every buyer can request up to 5 Icons by sending me an email or a Tweet, at which point Ill direct them towards a form they can fill out. There is also a custom reflective dock as well as a custom loading indicator along with UI changes and other features such as a boot logo. Icons that arent themed will stand out because this theme has a clear mask in order to make the Icons a little transparent.

Please do not pirate this theme. Thank you.

Recent changes

  • Added a few Icons.
  • Initial release.


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