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Reddit push notifications for all.

Orangered seamlessly connects your device to Reddit, as quickly, securely, and flexibly as possible. With an impressive list of supported clients, and extensive, straightforward options, you'll never feel closer to your inbox. Set up recurring inbox checks, or simply trigger Orangered with built-in Activator support (or even manually in the Settings).

Built with love and care by Julian Weiss and Phillip Tennen. Supports all devices running iOS 7. Icon and website design by Kyle Paul.

Currently supports: Alien Blue, Alien Blue HD, narwhal, Cake, Reddme, Aliens, amrc, Redditor, BaconReader, Reddito, Karma, Redd, Upvote, Flippit, MyReddit, Mars, OJ Free, OJ, Karma Train, and iAlien. If none of the above are installed, Orangered will default to Safari. Shoot us an email if you'd like to see another client on this list.

Recent changes

- Rate Guard: Added manual rate limit guard to prevent accidental rate limit bouncing
- New Icon: Properly displays new iOS 7 icon in Cydia

- OpenNotifier Fix: removed image file conflict with iOS 7 build
- Sound Quieting Fix: Fixed music volume changing when no sound is selected
- Duplicate Halting: Prevents duplicate notifications of the same message

- Various small bug fixes and optimizations


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