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Compatible with iOS 9 and 10

Add simple notifications on your lockscreen to simulate an OLED display or to enjoy the simple notification life! (Only shows up when user gets a notification)

Compatible with: 3Edgy5Me and EdgeAlert by Julioverne

Privacy Options:
-Hide message contents until user swipes down

Appearance Options:
-Double Tap to put display to sleep
-Long Press to go to lockscreen
-Show/Remove Icon
-Show/Remove App Name
-Toggle greyscale for Icon
-Truncate Long Messages

Configure settings before using, all settings are enabled by default.

****This works best with auto-brightness enabled or low brightness.****

Recent changes

Fixed random crashing.
ios9 and ios10 Compatibility


-Double Tap to open notification!
-Swipe Up to turn off screen!
-LongPress to transition to LockScreen!
-Swipe Down to reveal message!


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