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This is just an Amazing set!! It has no automask, so it fits any wallpaper, has a soft touch with a soft (again) shadow, that makes them so visible and so cool with any background... and every glyph has no more than 100 px!!!

This package is just an Icon super detailed and crisp set. To complete Obscure Limited Set you can grab Tercio theme made by me and Schnedi and that has all the UI, messages, CustomCovers and many many more.

Includes a PSD with options and 3 items on how to apply effects and all.

Thank You.

Recent changes

  • Obscure Limited Glyphs includes now IconBundles tweak dependency. This update includes new/few icons, many fixes, and compatibility from iOS 7 to 8.4/firmwares. Email to report any issues.
  • Initial release.


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