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MacOS like theme

Apply inside FrontPage.

Enable FrontPage, select on top of icons, hide statusbar, press open menu, select Nyx. Respring from Nyx

This is a beta version of Nyx please let me know of any issues. Include the iPhone type, and firmware.

P.S. This is not finished in any way. If you come across an issue please let me know.

Recent changes

0.1 Release

0.2 Removed popups

0.3 fixed 24hr



AppDrawer closer (the bottom of the screen) being too tall. On small devices you could only tap the tops of bottom row of icons as the closer was on top.

When a user would swipe up over the dock for the CC, the dock icon would stick

AppDrawer doesn't show close animation when launching apps


-Fixed back button on music player

-Fixed memory

-Can toggle wifi on/off in status bar

-Changes to dock and status bar will stay after respring.

-Added floating dock and wide dock. Just type help in terminal

-Added desktop icons, tap and hold the screen for over 3 seconds to add. Hold icon to remove


Added many options to terminal. Type help in terminal to see them

Added last update time on weather, tap weather to update, tap icon to open weather app.


Added option to change launcher icon

Added option to chagne dock height and width

Fixed badge clipping when app is removed from desktop

Fixed iPad dock

Added more dock icons instead of switcher apps

Added option if you tap the image in the about section you can change the image


Fixed icon badge showing under dock


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