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Compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9 and 10

No2Theft protects your phone from thieves!
When you are outside your house at a restaurant a cafe work place or a night club or maybe at a friends house and charging your phone and someone sneaks in and unplug it to steal it No2Theft will fire a big alarm siren that cannot be muted neither you can lower down the volume you can only stop the alarm by putting your fingerprint or a pin code(you choose those options in settings)

No2Theft has an option to disable the siren when you are connected to a safe wifi network (you get to choose 3 networks from settings) so as long as you are in a known trusted place the siren doesn't fire when you leave that place the tweak activates by itself.
If your phone accidentally is set to a small volume as soon as no2theft activates it automatically put the volume level to the max.
Not2Theft monitors carefully when the phone is unplugged in order to silence the siren.
No2Theft doesn't remove the job of volume down ! only the siren is on you cannot lower it down when you authenticate everything goes to normal!
By default the way to stop the siren is by fingerprint you can enable a pin from the settings.
Please Press apply changes from settings when you finish setting it up!

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