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Compatible with iOS 8
not compatible yet with iPad
Also available, NCBrowser (iOS 7)

Introducing "NCBrowser" a simple, convenient, and speedy way to browse the web. This tweak provides a "complete" web browser experience implemented into the Notification Center for fast and simple multi-task browsing, available any time and anywhere due to the accessibility of the NC. (even including the lockscreen)

A statement that we believe founded the idea/formation of this tweak is: "There is no need stop what you're doing".
Normally if you would like to look/search something up, you would have to close your app, and launch safari or another browser app; leaving everything that you were currently doing and even wasting precious battery.
With NCBrowser you just simply pull down the Notification Center, go into the "Browser" tab, and immediately start searching the web, any time and anywhere without interrupting your current priority; for example a game you would like to know the cheat codes for.

NCBrowser Features:
? Quick Links
? Quick search
? Home button
? Open in Safari
? Switch search
? Fullscreen mode
? Copy link button
? lockscreen support
? Reload/stop button
? Smooth animations
? Color customization*
? Back/forward button

Compatible on all iPhone and iPod touch devices on iOS 8

*Color Customization is temporarily removed until "libcolorpicker" is updated, as it currently freezes the NC.

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