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MyStatusBar is designed to give you more control over the system icons and the way the statusbar works.

You can hide the following icons: Clock (or set custom), DND, Airplane, Signal, Carrier Logo (or set carrier), Set "SOS Only", Settings Carrier also replaces "No Service" for those using phones with no sim cards, Data type, Battery, Battery %, Bluetooth Battery, Bluetooth Battery %, Bluetooth, TTY, Alarm, Location, Rotation Lock, AirPlay, Assistant, VPN, Call Forwarding and Activity.

You can also Hide the status bar from the Notification Center (requires respring), and you can also show / hide the statusbar clock on the LockScreen, as well as enabling the same size statusbar as the one used by SpringBoard.

You can hide icons, use the icon tester to force certain icons on, you can change the Clock display using an activator action which will cycle through the options of Time / WiFi IP / SSID / Free RAM / Custom

You can optionally set your own custom text.  There is also a gimmicky "Anitmate text" which which can have 2 strings of text (No uni-code) that will animate and alternate. (Animation startes after 10 seconds, and if already queued, will finish after it's last animation upon disabling)

You can also fake your data type connection and make it show 1x/GPRS/3G/4G/LTE/WiFi or Hotspot.

You can also enable the blue tethering bar to fake tethering.


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