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FrontPage theme

A quick overview of mySB, it gives you a blank canvas. Allows you to place apps and move them wherever you like, change the app icon to whatever you like (without Anemone), add widgets and basically own your homescreen like never before.

mySB is a blank canvas. When you apply it you will have a blank screen. Triple tap on the screen to invoke mySB Menu.

VERY IMPORTANT: This is a work in progress read this -> mySB Documentation

Enable FrontPage, select on top of icons, hide icons, dock and dots, press open menu, select mySB. Respring is recommended

Weather uses you must have this installed

Date and times are set in settings/general/date and Time

Read the documentation!

About the upload function while it works I cannot promise that your themes will stay. They are subject to be deleted at anytime through the beta process. I almost removed this feature, but left it in. Please do not abuse it.

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