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The first (visual) part of the tweak, gives life to your lock screen by adding animations that adapt with sound. For example, music playing from your phone or surroundings will go along with the beat or voice (or your own). Each "Visualizer" can be themed with the average color of your lock screen (or any standard color) along with its visibility.

The second (productive) part of this tweak adds a quick and intuitive voice memo creator on your lock screen. These recordings can even be utilized as reminders by setting a time to play (automatically or manually). These recordings are saved in the built in app that is opened with a grabber on the bottom left of your lock screen. There, you can play, text, email, delete, and rename your recordings/reminders.

As always, if you cannot purchase/afford mVisualizer, please contact me instead of pirating.

iOS 7.0-7.1.2 compatible devices.
For further information, please watch video below

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