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What do you call a theme without a mustache?

Mustache — A mix of flat and skeumorphic design yet still flat.

Each icon of Mustache has been precisely designed to look and feel detailed on your home screen and make you happy when you see it. It’s a flat theme but yet it still gives you the feel of a three dimension icon hence the drop shadow. Mustache is a result of months and months of hard work and I’m happy to present it to you today. I hope everyone enjoys Mustache as much as I did designing it.

Mustache includes: 100+ Icons (and counting), Messages UI, Lockscreen UI, UI Sounds, 5 Custom Wallpapers, 1 Zeppelin Logo, 1 Boot Logo.

Also I wanna thank all my beta testers who tested this theme and gave me both good and bad feedback so I can make Mustache better. Thank you so much!

If any of you can’t afford it or don’t have a credit card, please ask me on twitter @donisign or simply email me.

Again, thank you!

Recent changes

  • Fixed many broken icon filenames.
  • Added more icons. Also search for Mustache GroovyLock to download the Mustache widget for your lockscreen. Send more icon requests here:
  • Finally was able to fix the square icons appearing on the iPhone 6 Plus. Added new icons: Wattpad, SoundHound, WeChat, LINE, BeatsMusic, UnlimTones and more. Also fixed broken icon filenames.
  • Added 10 icons: 9GAG, Day One, Sleep Cycle, Heart Rate, Mailbox, Speedtest, Facetune, Sky Guide, Scanner Pro and Dark Sky. Added a circle mask, you can choose it from the winterboard panel. Fixed an issue where iPhone 6 Plus icons where getting a white border outside the icon mask and added all the unthemed app including the new ones and ModMyi(which wasn't getting themed). Thanks for purchasing this theme, it means a lot. Send me more icons here:
  • Added 3 icons: Evernote, ModMyi and Flipboard. I will add more icons in future updates, it's just that it takes a while to create them and this 3 were the most requested ones. Also fixed the phone app not getting themed on the iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks to everyone for purchasing it. Go to my website to request icons.
  • Added a black boot logo for white iPhone users.
  • Added iPhone 6 Plus support and fixed an issue where the Zeppelin and Wallpapers weren't showing up.
  • To activate the iPhone 6 Plus theme, you must deselect the actual Mustache theme and select the one that says iPhone 6 Plus. Also please install IconBundles for it to work.
  • If you have an iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S you don't have to install IconBundles.
  • Initial release.


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