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MUS8 is simply a repeat of MUS7, some of you must remember.

MUS8 was completely recut, every icons has been retouched or completely redone. EVERY colors, has every details was reworked for a clearer result, sweeter and much cleaner.

I was absent this year because my professional and personal life was taking me a lot of my time. That is why I have nothing done iphone customization. But now I would be more widely present in the jailbreak community. That is what I have chosen to come back with one of my best themes "MUS8".

Supports: iPhone 5 / 5S / 6/6 +

1.0 come with 145 icons, IconOmatic 4, 3 ClassicDock, 8 ClassicBadges, 1 Zeppelin logo, 1 MagicDots, 1 themes Convergance and many more things will happen with the next update.

For those who bought the old version MUS7, the new version is free for you. But for that, you must send me an email with your proof of purchase. Thank you.

I want to thank the people who participated in MUS7 / MUS8 project: @Attairdu57slm, StudioProz, Zooropalg, @smitbeat64, Thiiiibault, Arnaud_delaTour, iDeviceWall, andiPixthemesHD @S1lex_250681.

Recent changes

  • Solve the problem of missing icons on 6+ version.
  • Initial release.


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