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Arrange iOS System statusbar icons. You can move your statusbar Time to the left, your WiFi bars to the right, etc.

It cannot, however, move any icons created by libstatusbar, which means it cannot move Application icons created by OpenNotifier and it also, very unfortunately, cannot move System icons that are enabled in OpenNotifer (because they are also handled by libstatusbar).

To move LEFT aligned system icons to the right side of libstatusbar icons (OpenNotifier, etc.) or to move RIGHT aligned system icons to the left side of libstatusbar icons, move one of the "libstatusbar spacers" into the LEFT and/or RIGHT sections and place system icons below it.

Example: You want the activity icon to be LEFT aligned but you want it on the right side of your OpenNotifier icons. Place "libstatusbar spacer 1" in the LEFT section and place Activity in the LEFT section, below "libstatusbar spacer 1."

If you have Activator installed, you can change Moveable profiles using an Activator Event.

Theme the Cellular (Signal), WiFi and Bluetooth icons using javascript based themes.

A few basic options are provided in /var/mobile/Library/ Preferences/Moveable.

With a few changes, themes from Lithium and 'Lithium Ion' can be made compatible.

Recent changes

  • Update for iOS 10 - UIKit struct.


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