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A theme that redefines your iOS experience.

Mocha — a flavoring obtained from a coffee infusion or a combined infusion of chocolate and coffee.

Mocha redefines the way you look at your phone. Each icon is designed to look original and appealing, while still keeping the design of iOS 7 in mind. Mocha is a beautiful theme that mixes gradients with depth. The soft shadows give Mocha a soothing feel to your device and makes the icons a pleasure to look at.

With months of hard work and dedication, I am pleased to announce “Mocha.” Upon buying this theme, you can check out all it has to offer. Mocha will be updated regularly with more icons and additional UI enhancements. Updates are guaranteed when purchasing Mocha.

Alongside 100+ beautifully, handcrafted icons, Mocha comes equipped with: • 100+ Mocha Flat Icons (no shadow) • 1 Boot Logo • Keyboard Sound • Lock Sound • Messages UI • Lock Screen Slider • 7 Wallpapers • Setting Icons • UI Sliders • 2 Loading Screens.

NOTE: The LS slider may have a low resolution on iOS 7.1.x.

Mocha is a theme worth having on your phone. Here’s what other people have to say about it: “Looks like something to die for cause it looks amazing.” – RagingMinerrr.

“Looking forward to this, it’s not your ordinary theme.” – JoyTheWizard

“Looks very special indeed. Top top quality.” – idRidge

“Best ‘long shadow’ theme I’ve seen, congrats! Nice colors.” – Svink77

“bro thats hot.” – JKTech_

If you do not have the money to buy Mocha, there is a lite version on this repo:

To know about future updates, giveaways, icon requests, or any questions or comments, you can follow me on twitter: @IconixDesign. If anything isn’t working properly or you have any questions, email me at

I also accept donations which are greatly appreciated. Here’s my PayPal: Your donations motivate me to build more projects for this great community. Thanks!

Big thanks to @Jato_bz and @al3xsanch3z for help with the settings icons. Also I’d like to thank all of the beta testers including @321s0nixdev, @thehexeditor, and @JKTech_ for their help.

I worked very hard on this theme and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Thank you again! – Max Gerber

Recent changes

  • Fixed a problem with the previous update. Sorry.
  • Fixed/Added a few icons. Small Update.
  • IMPORTANT: IconBundles Must be installed for all devices running iOS 8. Added additional support for all devices running iOS 7 and iOS 8. Fixed a problem with preference bundles. Huge thanks to Andrew (@AD4TW) for making this update possible!
  • Added iOS 8 compatibility! Added new icons. Thanks everybody for purchasing this theme! It means a lot to me!
  • Mocha is now iPad compatible thanks to /u/comp0cker. Added additional icons.
  • Added alternative icons for Photos and Gamecenter (can be accessed in /var/stash/themes/Mocha for iOS.theme). Fixed icons. Fixed Activator icon. Added 1 wallpaper.
  • Fixed/Added 15 icons. Fixed problem with preference icons.
  • The last update didn't work, so thank you for your patience.
  • Added a wallpaper. Added more icons. Small update - Thanks for purchasing!
  • Initial release.


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