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This tweak transforms your application to a window.

There is still some bugs. Especially on screen rotation.

With iPad you can Drag & Drop from window to window

iPhone X may suffer from gestures and windows may not move.

Confirmed to work with these devices:

  • iPhone 8 iOS 11.1 Electra
  • iPad Pro iOS 11.3.1 unc0ver

* With the latest beta version of Activator
Backgrounder Action is required *

---- * How to use * -----
I want to make an application windowed
Go to Foreground Mode with Backgrounder Action
After that, put out the switcher, screen the application
Press and hold to window
* Applications that are not in Foreground Mode will not be windowed

Title bar Right side
Red button: Turn off the window
Yellow button: minimize
Green button: Maximize

Left side of title bar
Ash button: Adjust window size
Double tap to adjust the aspect ratio

----- * Known problem * -----
1. When it is windowed, it can not return to normal display
└ I will fix it by restarting the application

2. The screen rotates in scenes that are not to be rotated

3. Windowed application does not rotate screen

4. Combine split view and slide over with iPad to make it inoperable
└ Put a tweak that can be re-springed with the physical button,
With ssh killall -9 with SpringBoard


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