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Compatible with iOS 10.
Requires device with cellular data

Membrane is a powerful upgrade to the existing iOS cellular settings.

-Grant temporary cellular data access to apps that are normally not permitted, and automatically revoke upon exit.

-Automatically refreshes Cellular Statistics in a recurring cycle

-Automatically tracks Cellular Usage / Days remaining

-Notification from the app informs you when access has been given / revoked (Be aware apps which have been denied notification privileges cannot send these notifications)

-Deeply integrated with the operating system

-Extend data, deny background usage, save money

With Membrane, your phone now has the ability to grant temporary access to any App's request for Cellular Data instantly when they would normally recieve an alert saying "Turn On Cellular Data", while automatically revoking the privilege upon exit to prevent any unnecessary background usage & no interruption to normal workflow.

Waste no more time scrolling through the Settings pages trying to find the switch for those apps you barely need on Cellular, and stop forgetting to remove access and discovering 100's of MB in background usage. Integrated directly into Apple's "annoying" alerts, finally they can achieve the potential you would expect from one of the most popular mobile OS, only on jailbroken devices.

Furthermore in Settings, Membrane includes a tightly integrated manager that provides essential information about the current monthly mobile stats, right inside the Cellular page. Check it whenever curious for a quick peek at exactly how your usage looks, and keep on top of how long until your plan refreshes.

Tap it to reveal the preference page where you can configure some basic info of your monthly plan. With one past day that your plan reset on (could even be when you first signed up) to use as a reference, and we are instantly able to calculate the proper schedule to reset device cellular statistics *automatically* for you forthright! After filling us in on the total amount your mobile company provides you in MegaBytes, we are able to keep immaculate track of the current monthly progression and present it to you whenever necessary.

*Includes convenience options tucked under "Tweak" buttons to assist in keeping the most accurate results.
The button beside Monthly Data Allotment can be used to temporarily modify the current month's limit, essential for actions such as topping-up the plan or informing the tweak about unforseen usage.
Beside the date, if your mobile company seems to calculate their span of a month slight differently than expected, the accompanying tweak button permits you to adjust our count to try and align with their determination.

With all these tools, the ultimate goal of Membrane is to give you a better grip on how your data is being spent, so that you decide the when and why. I sincerely hope it will help someone stretch their limited plans farther or avoid those outrageous overage fees, and I'd encourage you to share your story with me if you feel this tweak really helped you keep your apps in check! -candoizo!


1.0.0 -> 1.0.1

-Mitigated a Settings crash caused by some locales


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