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Maize is a pixel perfect replica of the iOS 11 Control Center on iOS 10, but that isn’t all. Maize, unlike iOS 11, allows you to reorder ANY modules wherever you want while also giving you an infinite number of modules when you combine it with other tweaks like FlipSwitches and Polus, along with 3rd party Maize Modules people have built.

100s of hours have gone into Maize’s development to deliver a buttery smooth, bug free experience. Everything from making sure animations are as smooth as possible to making sure we mimic ate the little animated icon glyphs has been to make sure you enjoy using Maize on a daily basis. We even went further to improve on the iOS 11 Control Center like allowing you to switch wifi networks by simply long pressing on the wifi icon in the Control Center.

Maize was built to be extendable which means other developers can use it’s open API to write their own modules for users, we made it so dead simple that people started writing modules before we were even done with the tweak. Maize’s code base was also carefully designed to make it maintainable for the foreseeable future, which means bugs if they do arise can be fixed faster, we fixed over 70+ of them during our open preview.

We hope you enjoy using Maize, if you ever have any problem’s don’t hesitate to contact us so we can make things right.

Oh also we open sourced all of Maize from the start so other developers can learn from it.


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