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Compatible with iOS8 and 9
iPhone and iPad,iPod touch 6th Support

Can manipulate your iOS devices by blink your eye.
Hands-free, it is like magic !!
This Tweaks most useful when you read a book.

If you blink right eye, then tap to the right.
In the case of the left eye, tap to the left.
This tweak is also possible to set the swipe.
And you can also action in the opposite direction.

1, Please set this tweak Activator.
2, To move away about 20-30 cm from the screen, front camera to recognize the face.
3, Open your eyes, please serious face.
4, Close your right eye or left eye to control screen.
5, ;-) enjoy !

Settings Option
- Swipe (not tap)
If this method is turn on, do swipe action.

- Reverse direction
If turn on,Reverse action direction.

Q. I was blinked my eye, but does not work !
A. Try this way.
- Adjust the distance.
- Would be good to put the device on desk.
- Please little slowly blink your eye.

Q. What is Supported devices?
A. Support devices is these device now.
iPhone 5 , iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus,
iPad mini 1st, iPad mini 2nd, iPad mini 3rd, iPad 3rd, iPad 4th, iPad Air, iPad Air 2nd,iPod touch 6th.
I will more support deviece in the future.

Q. Can you add more function?
A. I am positively thinking.

Q. This tweak is big battery drain?
A. I think "NO". Because this tweaks is not always active.
Require turn on and off via Activator.

Q. Tweak works just fine, but other control is heavy.
A. My tweak require probably many memory, because MagicBlink use front camera and capturing.
So, MagicBlink is perfect in reading.

Q. I use glasses. Still does work ?
A. I'm sorry. This version not supported glasses.

Q. What happens Once I blink with both eyes ?
A. Nothing happens. So your control is perfect.

;-) Let's use this magic !

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Recent changes

Recent Update
- Fix bug.
- iOS 9 supported.
- Icon changed.
- iPod touch 6th supported.


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