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Luminous - A very nice and smooth eye catching theme for your iPhone and for all iPads!

This theme will bring out the very HD of your iPhones and iPads. It has e real soft touch to it and will brighten up your iDevice instantly. Its an on going theme that will be updated frequently and you can request which icons should be added to this theme by contacting @iHaz3 on twitter.

The icons look amazing sharp on every iPhone and iPad. You have never seen any theme that will match your device so Perfectly as Luminous and not to mention there are 150+ icons and they are all handcrafted, so no icon mask is being used!!! For short, Luminous is a theme you have to have if you like iDevice theming.

What has been themed in Luminous?

Overall UI, All Settings icons, JellyLock Theme*, Statusbar theme, biteSMS Theme, Dock themes using the tweak ?ClassicDock? 3x, Badge themes using the tweak ?ClassicBadges? 5x, iWidgets 4x, Zeppelin Themes 2x, GroovyLock widgets 8x, Default Loading screens, Iconoclasm Layouts ip4 and ip5 (4x3 and 5x3 layout), Multiple Icon shadows using the tweak ?IconOmatic? 6x, Over 150 App Icons themed, Over 50 tweak Icons themed, Overall iOS UI is themed, Slide for LockScreen, ColorKeyboards themes 2x Dark and Light, 14 HD Wallpapers to be found in iPhone/ Settings/ Wallpaper/ Stills (Make sure to switch of parallax animation!).

Recent changes


  • Some of the Icons that are added: Shazam, foursquare, waze, Wechat, Tweetlogix, ProCamera, VSCOcam, Circa news, Mint, Camera+, Linkedin, Boxie, AVPlayer, Dice free, Flappy Bird, quizup, Ebay, Speedtest, TuneIn Radio, Checkmark, Path, GroupMe, Mxtube, Imgupr, yahoo weather, Telegram.
  • Also more iWidgets and GroovyLock widgets added
  • Added support for iPhone 4 Loadingscreens
  • Added 2 more icon overlay's
  • Added another dock
  • Added the red round badge that was requested.
  • Added IconOverlay including the pattern as shown on prototype
  • Added 2 more wallpapers
  • Added a Light biteSMS there
  • Added more UI.


  • Added some requested icons to the theme.
  • Here below you see which Icons have been added.
  • Yahoo weather, Telegram, Fantastical 1, Fantastical 2, viber, Tapatalk, Tumblr, Flickr, Pandora, dropbox, Boxapp, tweetbot 2, ibooks, gmail, IMDB, Netflix, Chase, theScore, Hipstamatic, BillMinder for iphone, Afterlight, Scanner Pro.
  • Added some more wallpapers, Added some missing UI, Fixed wallpaper issue conflicting with elite7, Added Icon PSD.


  • Initial release.


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